The Man Who Wasn’t There

                         ...They got this guy, in Germany. 
                         Fritz something-or-other. Or is it. 
                         Maybe it's Werner. Anyway, he's got 
                         this theory, you wanna test something, 
                         you know, scientifically--how the 
                         planets  go round the sun, what 
                         sunspots are made of, why the water 
                         comes out of the tap--well, you gotta 
                         look at it. But sometimes, you look 
                         at it, your looking *changes* it. Ya 
                         can't know the reality of what 
                         happened, or what *would've* happened 
                         if you hadden a stuck in your goddamn 
                         schnozz. So there *is* no 'what 
                         happened.' Not in any sense that we 
                         can grasp with our puny minds. Because 
                         our minds... out minds get in the 
                         way. Looking at something changes 
                         it. They call it the 'Uncertainty 
                         Principle.' Sure, it sounds screwy, 
                         but even Einstein says the guy's on 
                         to something.

               His gaze up at the window breaks. He strolls around the room, 
               still smiling.

                         ...Science. Perception. Reality. 

               He stops to examine a bur on his fingernail.

                         ...Reasonable doubt. I'm sayin', 
                         sometimes, the more you look, the 
                         less you really know. It's a fact. A 
                         proved fact. In a way, it's the only 
                         fact there is. This heinie even wrote 
                         it out in numbers.
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