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The Man Who Wasn’t There

mayo 7, 2017
                         ...They got this guy, in Germany. 
                         Fritz something-or-other. Or is it. 
                         Maybe it's Werner. Anyway, he's got 
                         this theory, you wanna test something, 
                         you know, scientifically--how the 
                         planets  go round the sun, what 
                         sunspots are made of, why the water 
                         comes out of the tap--well, you gotta 
                         look at it. But sometimes, you look 
                         at it, your looking *changes* it. Ya 
                         can't know the reality of what 
                         happened, or what *would've* happened 
                         if you hadden a stuck in your goddamn 
                         schnozz. So there *is* no 'what 
                         happened.' Not in any sense that we 
                         can grasp with our puny minds. Because 
                         our minds... out minds get in the 
                         way. Looking at something changes 
                         it. They call it the 'Uncertainty 
                         Principle.' Sure, it sounds screwy, 
                         but even Einstein says the guy's on 
                         to something.

               His gaze up at the window breaks. He strolls around the room, 
               still smiling.

                         ...Science. Perception. Reality. 

               He stops to examine a bur on his fingernail.

                         ...Reasonable doubt. I'm sayin', 
                         sometimes, the more you look, the 
                         less you really know. It's a fact. A 
                         proved fact. In a way, it's the only 
                         fact there is. This heinie even wrote 
                         it out in numbers.

Torture Dehumanize a Human Being

octubre 18, 2016


In 1992 Quentin Tarantino, now a famous filmmaker, directed his opera prima called “Reservoir Dogs”. One of the most remembered quotes from that movie is “Listen kid, I’m not gonna bullshit you, all right? I don’t give a good fuck what you know, or don’t know, but I’m gonna torture you anyway, regardless. Not to get information. It’s amusing, to me, to torture a cop.” In this particular movie, torture is used to get a sadistic gratification, but torture can be also used to obtain certain information from soldiers who are fighting a war. In 2008, Christopher Hitchens wrote “Believe Me, It’s Torture” an essay in which he pushes himself to try from first hand a torture method called “waterboarding.” This method consist of putting a man on a table with his head covered with a cloth while somebody pours water over his face. The essay narrates the whole procedure while Hitchens had to resists as much as possible as he could of this torture method. The rest of the essay relies on questioning about if this practice should or shouldn’t be called torture, and at the end he finally claims that “waterboarding” is a method of torture. It is interesting that he needed to actually try the process in order to completely convinced that “waterboarding” should be considered torture. The solely fact of putting a person under that extreme psychological pressure it is for definition an act of torture and it shouldn’t be allowed of being practice because torture dehumanize us.

If we talk about torture, first we need to define the term in the context of present time. The Geneva Convention defines torture as “means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession…” (Convention). This legal definition seems to be very accurate, however we should analyze the reasons why humans have to come to the point of creating laws to defends us against ourselves. Probably this currently method of torture, waterboarding, is used to get information from terrorist groups or used by this terrorists groups to get information from soldiers that are part of the army of powerful countries such as USA. Corporate interest hidden behind a country and warfare can also push under certain circumstances the use of this torture method. Finally, political interests can also lead to the use of torture. The World War I, The World War II, the big conquest of Charlemagne, The expansion of Romans, even the discovery of America were about political interests. We cannot say the same about the origin of the torture in the middle ages. During the middle age for example, a way of torture was “dunking”. This method consisted in sitting the victim on a chair and lowering down the chair into a river so the victim starts to drown. They used this method on scolding woman in England in the early 18th century. The Greeks had the “Brazen Bull” to execute criminals and the Chinese used a variation of the “Iron Maiden” during the Ming Dynasty to punish the non loyal citizens to their king. Many of this torture methods existed as a way of punishment, in order to get a confession or to make and example of others. Therefore, we can conclude that we haven’t showed the most ethical behavior as a human race. There is a barbaric instinct that pushes us to commit these horrible acts without judgment, or at least until the Geneva Convention. Now we have limits and they have been enforced since 1949.


Some people who actually don’t know how torture is practiced are advocates of it. They think that in order to get peace or to liberate a country of terrorism, Torture is something that can be tolerated. In terms of ethics, this is totally wrong. It’s unacceptable to put another human being under torture because it is a way to dehumanize him while we are dehumanizing ourselves. The mere act of infringe torture in someone else, means we are not giving any meaning to our own life, it is like to losing respect of our most precious gift, our existence. Hitchens states “when contrasted to actual torture, waterboarding is more like foreplay.”(6) This seems to undervalue the real problem behind a torture technique, torture is torture no matter what, it can’t be softener, it can’t be diminished. It just can’t. How can somebody agree to allow torture when you hear a testimony of Ms. Ayress, a Chilean woman tortured by the regime of Augusto Pinochet during the 70’s? Here is part of her testimony:

Tejas Verdes was the place where they trained people to be torturer, there I suffered the   most brutal tortures. They forced me to have sex with a trained dog for tortures. They put rats inside my vagina and then electric shocks. With the electric shocks the rats sink their claws in my vagina. They urinated and defecated in my vagina, introducing me the       toxic virus of toxo plasmosis. Torturers raped me repeatedly and touched me in sexual  ways, cursing and forcing me to have oral sex with them. They cut me with knives; once   they cut the first layers of my belly with a knife and I lost a lot of blood…

Victor Jara, a famous songwriter in Chile, suffered one of the most horrific tortures that someone could imagine. One of the officers crushed his hand and said “you’ll never be able to play the guitar again.” Later he was executed and his body was found with 44 bullets. This horrors can’t be tolerated, in our modern society torture must be banned forever, because torture simple and clearly dehumanize us.


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si me piden que me acuerde de ti, nunca olvidaré el sonido de tus palabras

marzo 31, 2011

Estaba yo encerrado en mi carpa recordándote, bodhisattva del recuerdo invocándote;  apartado en mi yo lejano, buscando en mis memorias tu rostro y tu presencia…mas sólo encontré los restos de tu voz.

Estaba yo buscándote en el vacío de la memoria, en el trabajo infructuoso de célula sobre célula, laberinto ganado sobre laberinto perdido, cuando iluminado por la certeza sentí tu voz grave y perfecta rumoreando la noche.

Estaba aturdido cuando me hicieron la pregunta, porque del amor conocemos tacto y olvido; cenizas, alegrías y desconsuelos, mas no el sonido de un recuerdo, no el sonido de una voz que no se apaga.

Y sólo él sabe que no estaré nunca preparado para flaquear indigno, frente a tal timbre medieval, aquella gutural membrana de perfección que se incrustó como una flecha disparada sin recelo, invocándome a seguirla como pez abisal perdido en la profundidad de tu voz de fuego.

mi blog en un turro de palabras

agosto 4, 2009

Wordle: Hipogrifos

presentación del libro “there will be love” (por Esteban Schneider)

noviembre 12, 2008

Hola, buenas noches, bienvenidos.

La larga noche del anonimato ha terminado.
por lo menos para este grupo de poemas…

y la luz que ahora ilumina el destino de este libro
parece darle sentido a todo, incluso al amor no correspondido.

y ¿para qué sirve la poesía?

Gran pregunta.
pero ¿por qué todo el mundo de hoy tiene que servir para algo?

En el mundo de los negocios, por ejemplo, la poesía sirve para sentirse explotado,
reprimido, censurado y asi todo ser feliz…

En el mundo de la televisión
la poesía sirve para que la señora que se emocionó con la triste historia de la niña
abandonada por su padre, violada por su gato y golpeada por su vecino, compre el nuevo
desodorante ambiental que deja su casa con olor a pollo asado…

y en el mundo del amor, bueno en el mundo del amor
ni siquiera sirve para seducir, así es, asumámoslo, ya nadie se enamora por un lindo poema
y peor aún, el poeta queda frente a su amada como una especie de loco….

Un loco tierno y lleno de buenos sentimientos, pero loco, enfermo y además raro.
Tan raro y tan pasado de moda que jamás sería el protagonista de un comercial de Coca-cola.

Se imaginan a las modelos de la televisión poniéndose silicona para seducir a un tipo
sólo porque escribe lindo, raro.

Pero sepan ustedes compañeros y compañeras
que el sacrificio del poeta no ha sido en vano.
No señor, ni por nada del mundo, ni ca, jamás de los jamases…

lo que aquí esta ocurriendo es un pequeño Big Bang
Un efecto.
Una descarga.
Un cambio de voltaje en el neón que ilumina nuestra habitación.

Y ya no sólo serán las risitas burlescas de los que no comprenden,
será más intenso.

El dolor, la soledad y las tripas vertidas en este libro
desde hoy, ya no le pertenecen al poeta
dejan de ser la sangre derramada por un amor inconcluso
y comienzan a ser la sangre de nuestras propias historias inconclusas…

Señoras y señores, amigas y amigos,
con ustedes, el autor:

Mujeres Hipogríficas: Kirsten Stewart

septiembre 22, 2008

Protagonista de la película “the messenger” del año 2007 (no confundir con la película de Juana de Arco). La descubrí en esa tremenda película dirigida por Sean Penn llamada “into the wild”. Parecía que era ella la persona más salvaje que pudiese pisar la tierra. Es de una hermosura inconmesurable, ojos profundos, labios sensuales y mirada perdida. Habrá que ver como se desarrolla su carrera en las difíciles calles de Hollywood.

Mis top ten de películas de todos los tiempos

septiembre 5, 2008

El último de los Mohicanos
Los imperdonables
El último boy scout
El hombre que  nunca estuvo
Apocalipsis now
Erase una vez en el oeste
blade runner